Trauma - an excellent study of grief, but not so good as a thriller

Grief is a funny thing. Not literally, obviously, but it can affect different people in all sorts of different ways.

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It got knocked down but it got put up again

Bollards to the lot of you

This week a lump of  Lancashire-based granite known, via Twitter notoriety, as the Fishergate Bollard was nominated for  a ‘smile award’ for its unique take on life as an inanimate object - with a habit of getting knocked down and then getting up again.
Shaun Evans and Roger Allam star in Endeavour

Endeavour - a lesson from history

After the President’s Club, and grid girls, and Harvey Weinstein, and equal pay at the BBC, it seems there is anational debate under way about male privilege, the abuse of power and the rights of women.

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S'not on

The politics of snot

You know those days. When you wake with your head in a fog so reminiscent of pea-soup, everything is green and lumpy.

Ore Oduba and Julia Bradbury counted down Britain's Favourite Walks

Britain's Favourite Walks - The long walk to boredom

Mark Twain apparently once said that “golf is a good walk spoiled.”
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UCLan intend to take over the now empty UTC building on Trafalgar Street

Investment is no more than ‘can do’ Burnley deserves

Things just seem to get better all the time for Burnley - and don’t we deserve it!

The House of Lords

Whatever happened to free speech?

I have been a long-time supporter of the House of Lords, firmly believing that a bicameral system is the best form of government.
Let's cut the.. office language

Let's axe the drivel (with top 10 list)

I’m holding my hand up - I’m guilty too.
The cast of this week's episode of Inside No.9. From left, Reece Shearsmith, Miranda Hennessy, Nicola Walker and Steve Pemberton

Inside No.9 - The best way to spend 30 minutes

Thirty minutes isn’t a very long time, when you think about it. It’s less than a half of football. Barely a third of most modern films. You could probably just about manage to walk a mile in half an hour.

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Burnley boss Sean Dyche has signed a new deal at Turf Moor

Boss’s signing must be the best news of the transfer window

The best transfer window signing we could have hoped for. That seems to be the unanimous reaction from Clarets fans to the news that Turf boss Sean Dyche has put pen to paper on  a new four-and-a-half-year deal.

Tough Mudder event

I'm saying yes to everything

My January pledge to say yes to everything and not be such a scaredy cat is reaping awards.

Rev Ron reverent reflections January 22 Avenham Park, Preston Railway Station, cotton mill postcard, Humber Hawk car advert, cleveley's cub scouts, telephone box and big ben''Nicola Jaques

REV RON GREENALL: A step back in time at Preston Railway Station

A lot of comments have been made and written recently about the new Butler Street entrance to Preston Railway Station.


Life is faster than a cannonball

It’s a creeping thing. Age.

Have you given up buying your weekly lottery ticket?

Cooking the golden egg-laying goose

Have you fallen out of love with the National Lottery? I haven’t, but it is getting close.

A massive rise in demand continues to make it virtually impossible to hit the four-hour wait measure

Responsibility lies across the board for crisis in our A and E

Our National Health Service continues to come in for a bit of a bashing due to missed targets and massive compensation payouts.

It would appear some people got better presents from their crackers than myself

Cracker ‘gifts’ beyond a joke

On Monday it will be four weeks since we were all celebrating Chistmas Day.

Michelle Young, whose story was featured in Millionaire Ex-Wives Club, battled her husband in the courts for 10 years

Millionaire Ex-Wives Club - A measure of sympathy for the devil?

It’s difficult to feel any sympathy for the mega-rich. There they go, swanning around in their Bentleys, insulated from the years of austerity everyone else has been forced to go through.

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Rev Ron reflections Jan 15 2018 Avenham Park ice skating, St Walberghs steeple, Preston, Ribble Valley bus Preston to Longridge, cotton reel projects, Spangles advert and box cart

REV RON GREENALL: Recycling times and a sweet piece of Preston nostalgia

We all know the phrase “You’re skating on thin ice.”

Rev Ron January 2 2018 - morning window knocker

REV RON GREENALL: January mornings and the changing face of the alarm clock

It is hard to get up and to work on time these cold January mornings, and my first nostalgic picture is a sight familiar in my childhood.

Rev reflections january 8 2018 - Parkinsons pills, spacehopper, Turner's coal horses, Bilsborrow Sunday School 30 years ago, Blackpool Central Pier 1870s, Blackpool Opera House 1947, GKER model train

REV RON GREENALL: Holidays in the real Coronation Street of Blackpool

It is a long time since I had sugar soap applied to scuffed knees, but it always worked in moving the grit and impurities from the wounds.

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