Hidden - Cracking crime capers from Cymru

A few years ago, the big new trend on TV was Scandi-noir.

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Race for life

Column: In the pink at the speed of a sloth for Race for Life

Safe to say, I’m not a runner. I’m not sure anyone is really - I’m thinking some just like pain more than others.

Afua Hirsch, and Churchill impersonators, in The Search for Britains Heroes

The Battle for Britain's Heroes - A lifeless look at dark history

For inanimate objects, statues have been at the centre of a lot of controversy recently, as The Battle for Britain’s Heroes (Channel 4, Tuesday, 9pm) highlighted. People have even died – in Charlottesville, West Virginia – in violence surrounding protests over statues of controversial figures.

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Local newspaper week

Column: The issue of trust

My first ever job, which I approached with the same enthusiasm I maintained for the dentist and non-permed hair, was a newspaper round for a local freesheet.
Ashley Walters and Noel Clarke star in Sky One's new cop drama, Bulletproof

Buddy-cop drama Bulletproof misses the target

I blame Guy Ritchie. He’s the one who thought reviving the spirit of The Sweeney, and the gangsters of Kray-era London was a good idea.]
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Rev Refs May 14th Nylon stockings ad, comic, Charnock Richard Services, a Rubix cube and Frank Whittles' memorial at Cranfield.

REV RON GREENALL: A penny for your thoughts on this....

“Sleep tight”

How often did your mum and dad use these words to you as they put you to bed?

Barbeque fun

Column: The joys of the simple British barbeque

Let’s have a barbeque, I heard you cry.
Michael C Hall (centre) and Marc Warren (right) star in Safe

Safe - A propulsive plot will keep you watching

Gates are useful things, aren’t they? They can keep valuable things in, or keep undesirable elements out.
TV and Film
Rev Refs May 8 Laurel and Hardy advertising poster, Beano reader, Captain Cook, Buffalo Bill, Chorley maypole dancers

REV RON GREENALL: A bygone age full of great entertainment

With this week being May Day and a Bank Holiday my main nostalgic themes are about entertainment in times past.

Cyrus and Pippa compete in Britains Best Home Cook

Britain's Best Home Cook - Cooking up an absolute mess

I played a fun game while watching the television this week. It’s called Spot The Other Reality Show. It works very well if you’re watching Britain’s Best Home Cook (BBC1, Thursdays, 8pm).

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Do you have Nomophobia?

Column: Just call me Nomophobic Nic

The worst has finally happened.

Rev refs May 2018 Theatre Royal Drury Lane, Trolleybus, Wyrebank Basin, Bilsborrow Children's Festival, former conductor of the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band Derek Broadbent and a plate of sandwiches

REV RON GREENALL: A piece of history rich in filling

My first act today is to give you a postcard impression of the Drury Lane’s Theatre in London, for the first production here took place during this week in 1663.

Doreen Heap talks about the seasons of life in this week's Have Faith. (s)

HAVE FAITH: Love is like cricket

I am writing this the day after the very warm Bank Holiday Monday and my very slow drive to the seaside!
I swear I am up to no good

Jabbering Journo column: Is swearing really rude?

The old adage ‘sticks and stones will hurt my bones but words will never hurt me’ is probably the most inaccurate saying in the British language.

From left, Ruth (Deborah Findlay), Nina (Annabel Scholey), Hannah (Nicola Walker), and Rose (Fiona Button) in The Split

The Split - A grown-up, sparkling drama of legal eagles

It seems the only people worth a TV drama these days are police officers, doctors and lawyers. So the question I asked myself when I sat down to watch The Split (BBC1, Tuesdays, 9pm) was do we really need another series about lawyers and their oh-so-aspirational problems?

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Rev refs April 23 2018 William Shakespeare, penny sweets, Saint George, the construction of the Suez Canal., victory celebration party in Sleddon Street Preston at the end of that war, local production of Guys and Dolls by Lancaster Amateur Dramatic & Operatic Society (LADOS)

REV RON GREENALL: World War II, plays and shipping routes

St George and William Shakespeare dominate my first two pictures and comments.

Pam and Emily with their runner bean chutney in the new BBC2 show Top of the Shops with Tom Kerridge

Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge - A flop from top to bottom

Napoleon, in one of his wilder flights of fancy, is alleged to have called Britain “a nation of shopkeepers”.
TV and Film
REV RON GREENALL: Pictures capture a real revolution

REV RON GREENALL: Pictures capture a real revolution

In my recent post came my first picture from a Burnley reader following on some of my comments about the Industrial Revolution in Lancashire .

Rev refs April 2 2018

REV RON GREENALL: Iron theme to my latest memories

Firstly a couple of new points for a new month. It was in this week in 1721 that Sir Robert Walpole became the first Prime Minister of Britain.

Not quite ready to shed those layers

Jabbering Journo column: I'm totally unprepared for Spring

After the longest winter known to  womankind, spring is finally in the air and my enormous, reinforced and padded, hooded and fur-trimmed winter coathas finally been relegated to the cupboard.

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