Top of the Shop with Tom Kerridge - A flop from top to bottom

Napoleon, in one of his wilder flights of fancy, is alleged to have called Britain “a nation of shopkeepers”.
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REV RON GREENALL: Pictures capture a real revolution

REV RON GREENALL: Pictures capture a real revolution

In my recent post came my first picture from a Burnley reader following on some of my comments about the Industrial Revolution in Lancashire .

Rev refs April 2 2018

REV RON GREENALL: Iron theme to my latest memories

Firstly a couple of new points for a new month. It was in this week in 1721 that Sir Robert Walpole became the first Prime Minister of Britain.

Not quite ready to shed those layers

Jabbering Journo column: I'm totally unprepared for Spring

After the longest winter known to  womankind, spring is finally in the air and my enormous, reinforced and padded, hooded and fur-trimmed winter coathas finally been relegated to the cupboard.

Mark and his two sons, from Channel 4s Class of Mum and Dad

Class of Mum and Dad - A class act of a documentary

According to my kids, they usually don’t do anything at their primary school, and when they do get round to doing something, it’s always boring.

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The cast of Ordeal By Innocence, not just another chintz-athon. From left, Luke Treadaway, Anna Chancellor, Bill Nighy and Morven Christie

Ordeal By Innocence - An Agatha Christie murder-mystery with a jet-black heart

It was the Easter Bank Holiday weekend this week, and to go with the traditions of hot cross buns and the need to loosen the waistband of your trousers after one-too-many Easter eggs, we also had the now-traditional bank holiday Agatha Christie murder-fest.

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Not tax on doughnuts - yet

Jabbering Journo column: A taxing time cutting out the food I love

I’m pretty sure I’m not alone in spending approximately 25 per cent of my day thinking about food.

Time for the great Easter house-selling adventure

Jabbering Journo Column: Get the coffee pot on, it's time to sell the house

The coffee pot is on, the windows are squeaky clean and the smell of freshly baked muffins is wafting through the impossibly immaculate kitchen.

Bishop of Blackburn's Easter message

There’s a lot of talk about victims at the moment …

Rev Ron March 26 elephants crossing the tram lines in Blackpool, Rivington Pike, Scorton Station, Kendal and Preston Canal, toy projector

REV RON GREENALL: Getting ready for Easter

My first picture today is not a trick leading up to April Fool’s day on April 1.

The triple funeral for the Gibraltar Three (Sean Savage, Dan McCann and Mairead Farrell) in Belfast, in March 1988

The Funeral Murders - a reminder of a troubled past

It seems hard to remember now, when security threats seem to originate from the maelstrom in the Middle East, that it wasn’t long ago we seemed to have daily reports of atrocities which came much closer to home.

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A nice cup of tea - but did you pay for the milk?

Column: Have you stolen milk from the office fridge?

You may work for the most international, high-flying, sophisticated and trendy organisation in the world – but it is unlikely you have escaped  the ubiquitous communal fridge theft rage.
Nicola at Chorley FM

Coming in your ears: A new radio career?

If I had a bucket list for life, I’m pretty sure that I would be adding a great fat tick this week.

Eight-year-old Lily Harrison, who survived the bomb attack at the Manchester Arena in May last year

Four Days That Shook Britain - Amazing stories of kindness, bravery and humanity

The world seems to be heading towards apocalypse these days. At the very least, a new Cold War is just around the corner, as countries around the world posture from their opposite corners.

Lesley Manville and Peter Mullan in the brilliant Mum

Mum - BBC's jewel of a sitcom is an affectionate portrait of an everymum

It was Mother’s Day last week, as I’m sure you were aware. I’m also sure you honoured the mothers in your lives. And no, a few wilted carnations and box of Roses from Tesco Express is not an honour.

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Rev Ron March 13 Garstang cubs and scouts in 1940 did their bit for the war effort in collecting salvage, old Kodak box camera with the caption on it, 13th Preston St. Thomas' Scout Whit camp to Wray Castle in the Lakes, true to life picture of Windy Street, people responding in 1941 to a WVS scrap metal for aircraft and general salvage campaign. 'L'plate

REV RON GREENALL: Lancashire weather, scouts, cubs and sayings

I never know what to expect from you when I ask for loan photographs in our wide readership area.

The bittersweet inequality of Mother's day

Column: Not everybody gets to celebrate Mother's day

Every year, this day come comes around, a dose of national emotional blackmail on a vomit-inducing scale.

Simon Schama presented the first episode of the BBC's landmark new arts documentary, Civilisations

Civilisations - The art of the documentary

What makes us civilised? If you patrol the darker recesses of social media, it might be hard to say.

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Wren Aircraft made at Dick Kerr Factory, Spitfire Blackpool Prom, Fulwood Scouts group, Billy Salesman, Blackpool, Lancashire mug and the moon

REV RON GREENALL: Taking a quick flight into Blackpool before an escape to the land of nod

When I was a child the word “spitfire” was so emotive.

Rev reflections with Canon Ron Greenall February 27 2018 Goosnargh school taking part is 'Business is brilliant' Grand National at Aintree, old Robin Starch advert on a Hansom cab, one-strap clog,  iconic Leyland van and Bay Horse Station

REV RON GREENALL: Clattering clogs and days in the mill

I am horsing about in some of my first offerings to you today but first a picture for you from my old archive stable.

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