Roundabout solution to accident blackspot

I can understand the feeling of victory over the speed limit which is being reduced to 50mph at the Spring Wood traffic lights, Whalley, as it is near impossible to get anything which really matters from Lancashire County Council.
The junction at Spring Wood.The junction at Spring Wood.
The junction at Spring Wood.

But honestly and realistically, come on! If an irresponsible driver coming from either the Clitheroe or Great Harwood direction sees the traffic lights about to turn green and switches to the right-hand lane to race past the cars about to change gear to proceed through the lights, he can still be driving in a dangerous manner at 50mph.

Come on LCC, this is just an apology for a real solution, same as the wee spoonfuls of tarmacadam which get dropped into the bottom of a few selected pot-holes when the road really needs surfacing.

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And a point I don’t believe has been revealed to us; just exactly how fast was the car going which nearly killed the two girls? My guess would be under 50mph.

If one has a glance at some brief statistics it can be observed that, in spite of several council “bright ideas” over the past few years the junction of A59, Pendle Road and Sabden Road remains a continuous and notorious accident blackspot.

The local public have made suggestions over the years that a roundabout is needed there. Look at the Clitheroe Golf Club, McDonalds, Bramley Meade and Petre Arms roundabouts. They work well.

Before any more lives are lost or maimed, LCC should get its act together and seriously plan fast to get a roundabout installed at the Whalley Spring Woods junction. That would have to stop the impatient selfish drivers from pressing the accelerator and racing through the lights.

Doris Brown

Highfield Road, Clitheroe