Nick Clegg should do decent thing and resign

Are we on the same planet?
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. Photo: David Cheskin/PA WireLiberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. Photo: David Cheskin/PA Wire
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg. Photo: David Cheskin/PA Wire

I wonder sometimes if people are tuned into the ways of this world or do they live on a different planet?

We have the many condemnations on the police action against our local-born hobo, who does no-one any harm. The threat of severe action, by throwing him out of the place he was born in and has lived in all his life, surely goes against his European human rights?

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The condemnation of the traffic accident blackspot at the Spring Wood/Whalley traffic lights is another example of what planet other people are on.

We had a lengthy article by the Conservative spokesman Mr Hind on what he wants doing to stop any more serious accidents. It brings to mind my correspondence a few years ago on the same subject to the LCC highways department, which was run by a Conservative member.

Of course I got the usual remarks about the reasons they could not do any thing to help.

What is required is for a 30mph limit from the Whalley roundabout to Portfield Bar traffic lights and change the two lanes at the Whalley lights to one way, or do away with the lights and make a roundabout which will slow people down. I doubt very much if any of the above will happen, due to the party politics being played out inside the LCC.

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I read today that the Mr Clegg and the Liberal party are now condemning anyone who supports UKIP, on the grounds that, by being anti-EU, they are now being unpatriotic.

Well after watching all the memorial services a few days previous for the brave people who gave up their lives in both WWI and WWII so the world would not have to be browbeaten into submission under any dictators, it would be the decent thing for Mr Clegg and anyone else of that nature to resign from any public office they hold.

It’s a insult to the millions that have died. Shame on the Liberal party.

Ron Loebell,


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