MR PENDLE: I’m not remotely interested in William and Kate’s Royal wedding

MR Pendle could not believe the reaction of some people to the sentencing of the young thug Edward Woollard, who was jailed for 32 months for throwing a fire extinguisher from a tower block in the London student riots.

Electronic tagging, a community sentence and suspended sentence were just three of the pathetic suggestions put forward by those who argued the sentence was too harsh.

Excuse Mr Pendle for asking, but what would these people have said had the fire extinguisher hit one of the police officers who were underneath the tower block and killed them?

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Would they still be spouting their “he did it in the heat of the moment” nonsense to justify his actions?

Or would they say it was the police’s fault for what happened for being stood where they were at the time?

Mr Pendle would not be in the least bit surprised if they did.

Woollard should count himself lucky he only got 32 months - and he will, of course, serve only a fraction of that before he is released.

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People have been sent to prison in the past for far longer for committing far less serious offences than the reckless throwing of a fire extinguisher - and where were the wails of anguish from the police-hating, lily-livered liberationists then?

MR Pendle notes the drip, drip of speculation has already started on where Prince William and Kate Middleton will spend their honeymoon, with some bookmakers, no doubt having had some inside information, offering odds as short as 4-1 on the destination being Kenya.

Now Mr Pendle is really not interested in stories about where the newlyweds might be going to on their honeymoon.

And with the “big day” still 11 weeks off, he wonders just how much those of us whose interest rating in the wedding would register less than zero will have to put up with.

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One thing is certain - the wedding will dominate the mainstream television channels come the big day of April 29th.

The Government, under the mistaken impression it is something we will all want to watch, has decreed the day should be a Bank Holiday.

So that makes something else equally certain - Mr Pendle will not be tuning in.

He will come to the office as usual, do whatever work there is to do and then get as far away from a television set as he possibly can.

That may seem a strange course of action to some, but anything which gets him away from the sight of all the ghastly hangers-on dressed to the nines will be most welcome.