No easy decision to stand for election

In reply to the letter which featured in the Clitheroe Advertiser “A candidate needs policies!”

David Brass is a Conservative supporter and has always made that clear. As an Independent he would also be able to take on views and issues from across the board. If elected he would do his utmost for the people of the Ribble Valley.

Standing in the forthcoming General Election was not a decision taken lightly, rather on the back of many, many local people expressing their lack of confidence in the Conservative candidate – it seems clear a 20-plus year stint in a “safe seat” has led to a degree of complacency and arrogance.

How would his vote make a difference?

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Each and every MP in the House of Commons has one vote and one vote only regardless of allegiance and of course every single vote makes a difference!

Importantly, let’s not lose sight of the fact Nigel Evans took away the Ribble Valley vote altogether in the Common’s chamber when he became Deputy Speaker, effectively leaving us silent for some four years. This was purely a selfish career move on his part.

The suit that David wears is a “stand out” suit, an ice breaker, enabling an interaction and exchange of views. The “bucket shaken” was certainly not begging, rather giving out toffees representing the “humbug” of politics.

Many of us are disgruntled voters, David Brass is standing up and speaking out and not afraid to put his name to it!

Mary Brass,

Lowergate, Clitheroe