Teen found guilty of raping pensioner - jury verdict

A TEENAGER has been found guilty of raping a Nelson pensioner after letting himself into her home and threatening her at knife point.

Burnley Crown Court heard how Farhan Ahmed (18), of Park Avenue, Barrowford, had brandished two large knives and forced the woman to commit sex acts before attempting to have sex with her.

The teenager - who was 17 at the time of the attack, had been out drinking vodka with friends earlier in the evening.

He was found guilty by the jury on all four counts of rape, attempted rape and assault by penetration on a majority verdict of 10-2.

The prolonged attack which lasted for two hours, took place during the early hours of October 28th, 2010, after the victim went to investigate noises coming from her kitchen.


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She found the intruder in the kitchen holding a knife before taking another from the kitchen and forcing her to an upstairs bedroom where he carried out the attacks.

The victim said she had been frozen with fear and had been scared for her life, describing Mr Ahmed as being “on a different planet”.

Mr Ahmed has been remanded in custody to be sentenced by Recorder Nick Clarke, QC, on June 9th.

Speaking after the verdict, the judge said there was a pattern in Mr Ahmed’s behaviour which has escalated over the years.


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He said the teenager had problems with drink and was taken out of his school following allegations of sexual assaults, offensive text messages and accessing pornography on the school’s Internet.

The judge has also asked for a dangerous assessment to be carried out on Mr Ahmed, saying there must be a consideration for the public.