Student who raped Nelson woman (64) is jailed

A STUDENT convicted of raping a 64-year-old Nelson woman in her own home was yesterday sentenced at Burnley Crown Court.

Farhan Ahmed (18) of Park Avenue, Barrowford, invited himself in to the lone woman’s home on October 28th 2010, and subjected her to a series of serious sexual assaults at knife point over a two hour period.

Ahmed was given an indeterminate sentence and will spend a tariff period of five years less 219 days before he is eligible to apply for patrol.

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Sentencing, Mr Recorder Nick Clarke said: “There is a significant risk to the public and he poses a risk to the local community. He showed a callous disregard to her during the sustained attack.”

Head of public protection DS Ian Critchley said: “This is the most despicable and callous attack of this nature that I have seen. It will have a life long impact on the victim. Ahmed continues to show no remorse and he has shown throughout that he is not only a danger but also a coward. He will now spend a foreseeable amount of time in custody.”

The victim who cannot be named said: “My trust remains and I have faith that when he is sentenced it will give the young man time to reflect on what he did and hope he can one day feel remorse.”

The judge told Ahmed that if it was a determinate sentence, he would have received a 10-year sentence but he was giving him an indeterminate sen tence on the grounds of public protection.