Serial shoplifter from Burnley appears in court

Burnley Magistrates Court.Burnley Magistrates Court.
Burnley Magistrates Court.
A serial Burnley thief who helped herself to lighting worth £179.97 from a store went and loaded it into her car before going back in for another £89.99 haul, a court heard.

Burnley magistrates were told how Tanya Jenneys (30), of Thirlmere Avenue, was seen when CCTV was checked, pushing a trolley loaded with lights out of The Range on September 26th. She put the goods into a Peugeot and returned minutes later to select more lighting which she then walked out with.

The court was told two days later Jenneys returned for more, was seen pushing a trolley containing two lamps and was recognised from the footage.

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She was approached by staff, asked to go back into the premises and claimed: “I’m just taking the items to show my mother. She’s disabled.”

The defendant was asked if she had been to the store two days before, but denied it.

Jenneys also struck at New Look in Burnley on October 5th when she took clothing worth £120 and at J D Sports in Blackburn, on November 3rd, where she stole two jackets worth £300.

The defendant admitted four theft charges, including the £269.96 haul on September 26th, and lighting worth £159.98 on September 28th. She had 14 offences on her record.

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The court was told when she was questioned, Jenneys told police she stole the items to sell for drugs. She said she was being treated by Inspire, but was short of money due to her benefits being sanctioned.

The defendant was given eight weeks in prison, suspended for a year and was told to pay a £180 criminal courts charge.