Petition urges change in law after Barrowford nurse’s murder

PEOPLE are being urged to sign an online petition set up by the parents of murdered nurse Jane Clough to change the Bail Act 1976.

Already almost 2,000 signatures have been added to the petition which went live this week. If the bill gets approved, it would give the victims of crime greater rights.

In just over a week’s time - on July 25th - it will be a year since Jane’s death. Since her murder, Jane’s family, supporters and friends have campaigned for a change to the law.

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Jane was stabbed outside her workplace at the Blackpool Victoria Hospital by ex-partner Jonathan Vass who was on bail at the time following rape and assault charges against her.

Pendle’s MP Andrew Stephenson has taken the case before Parliament where he addressed the House of Commons, proposing a right of appeal against a judge’s decision to grant bail to a defendant. He was allowed 10 minutes to recommend an amendment to the Bail Bill that allows for such an appeal to take place where there is the strong belief that the judge has “got it wrong”.

Already more than 50 MPs from across the political parties have backed the amended bill. It will get its second reading in Parliament on January 20th.

If you would like to add your name to the petition visit