We are going back to the days of Robin Hood

Just a few questions about your recent article about Lancashire Day and Greater Manchester, which was interesting by the way:
Robin HoodRobin Hood
Robin Hood

The big rulers of our county are: 1, The Prime Minister; 2, The Mayor he picks, and 3 The Church. And the rest of us do not have a say any more.

Will we get a vote on this matter?

Will this not divide our county into rich and poor areas to live?

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Will the mayor of all the areas have to answer to the Government before making big changes to the way we live in their area?

Will we all get all get the same amount of the money to spend on our needs in the towns where we live or will it go to the Manchester mayor to spend as he thinks fit, and we get nothing out of the pot?

Will Her Majesty still be in charge of our county or will it be a rich mayor who runs the area? I think it will be the rich mayor. The rich will take over as they are trying now to do, but we are keeping them from succeeding... for now?

I see it looking like this: If the Government go ahead with the project, they are giving all the big cities a bribe; a pot of money only if they have a mayor to run them.

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We will lose our freedom and be ruled by the mayor and those rich ones in power. We will have no rights at all.

Does this not look like going back to the day of Robin Hood? The rich and religion running our lives but without the king and queen?

God help us all if this does come about. They are setting it up for this to happen, and it must be stopped at all costs.

R. Jenkins,