Some very bad advice from Russell Brand

So we’re in February, and the General Election is now just three months away.

Russell Brand
Russell Brand

Between now and then, we will be bombarded with all kinds of nonsense from politicians from all parties in the form of promises they know cannot be kept and blatant lies about a vote for any party but their own will mean.

But however much nonsense is spouted, the biggest load of tosh – at least as far as Mr Pendle is concerned - has already been put forward, and more than once.

This is the long-held opinion of the comedian (in some people’s eyes) Russell Brand, who the other day repeated his comments of 2013 that young people should not vote on May 7th.

He has been berated by both BBC political editor Nick Robinson and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls for his comments, who say not voting could open the door to extremist parties.

It would take abstinence of mountainous proportions for anything like that to happen – but if enough young people, some of who see Mr Brand as some kind of role model, were to take his message to heart, we might all live to regret it.