Petition demands action over ‘mouldy homes’

A Lincolnshire mother-of-two was so disgusted over photos of “mouldy” Calico homes in Burnley she has launched a petition urging the Government to take action.
Mouldy homes battleMouldy homes battle
Mouldy homes battle

Martina Baker was left horrified by images of Burnley homes riddled with black mould and damp posted by fed-up families on a Facebook group.

Now scores of Burnley residents have signed Martina’s e-petition demanding the Department for Communities and Local Government department step in.

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Martina, who began talking with families on the “Mould Free Social Housing in Burnley” site, said: “I was gobsmacked by what I saw. There were photos of mould coming through the wallpaper and children’s mattresses black with mould.

“It was disgusting. These people are having to live in Victorian-era conditions there. It is not right.

“There is legislation that housing should be fit to live in and not mouldy and damp. Action needs to be taken. I set the petition up and I have also written to the ombudsman.”

Coun. Lian Pate, who set up the Facebook group to highlight housing problems, said: “The pictures are shocking. It must be awful living there day to day. Some people are spending £100 a week on heating. The group has shown that it is not an isolated problem. Tenants can complain to Burnley Council if they are not happy.”

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Calico’s Anthony Duerden said: “We sympathise with anybody who is experiencing problems with damp or mould, especially wherever significant structural works take longer than customers initially expect. We would like to reassure everyone that we are committed to providing safe, secure homes for our customers and their families.”