Book Review: The Hotel On The Roof of the World

HOTELIER Alec Le Sueur likes to live dangerously! There he was living a normal happy life running a luxury place in Europe.

But he decided it was all to easy and so he opted to swop and head off to run a Tibetan Holiday Inn. And life suddenly became more interesting!

This hilarious book is testament to Alec’s time, set in the breath-taking beauty of the Himalayas, where he enjoyed fly infestations at state banquets, unexpected deliveries of live snakes, lots of yaks and best of all, a Miss Tibet competition.

Alec is now back home in his native Jersey, where life must seem tame compared to Tibet!

The Hotel On The Roof of the World, Five Years in Tibet, by Alec Le Sueur, published by Summersdale, £8.99

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