Ladies and gentlemen we give you... The who's who of Preston band Evil Blizzard

If you have never heard of them, that might be a blessing.

Evil Blizzard
Evil Blizzard

Let us introduce you to the strange boys that form Preston's very own Evil Blizzard ahead of their Guild Hall show.

Preston born and bred, Side is the singing drummer of the band, like his hero Phil Collins.
A Yorkshire lad by birth, but we wont hold that against him. Prowler is the heart throb of the band with his leathers and thrusting lead bass guitar.
Kav plays can you guess? bass. Little known fact: Kav represented the UK in gymnastics at the 1972 Olympics

Most Popular

    About as Preston as it is possible to get. Stomper pays bass and communicates only by grunts and hand gestures.
    The latest inmate to join the band; he was forced to join as part of his community service. Fleshcrawl plays small black boxes that make sounds like helicopters crashing.
    Spent most of his life in Preston apart from his several spells in prison. Filthydirty plays bass and sings.
    So Prestonian that if parched peas were in human form they would be Blizzpig. He plays keyboards and his ambition is to be the P.N.E. official mascot.