Game Review: Neo Geo X Gold Edition

What better way to satisfy them nostalgic taste buds this Christmas than with the rebirth of the legendary home console, SNK’s Neo Geo.

At the time of its era, it was a pricey piece of kit as it was extremely advanced compared to that of the other consoles in that time period being the Super Nintendo and the Sega Megadrive/Genesis, so advanced that arcade video games were powered by it. The Neo Geo marked the pinnacle of the 16 bit generation however didn’t see much popularity due, not only to the hefty price tag, but poor marketing and availability. Now though, we are treated with the reimagined Neo Geo X, a hybrid console developed by SNK Playmore and manufactured by Tommo, which is homage to its age old descendant.

The Neo Geo X comes in two forms, the handheld console and a docking station which can be connected to any television. The handheld console is smartly designed with a generic rectangular shape with a shiny plastic front and a rubber grippy rear with the iconic SNK logo dead centre. I found myself using this more than the docking station as the picture quality was great and it was extremely comfortable to hold and all the buttons were perfectly placed. It’s an impressive piece of kit and feels really well built; I didn’t experience any problems whatsoever.

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The docking station is in the shape of the original Neo Geo AES console complete with fake top loading cartridge slot. There is a reset button, the clasp to open it up, HDMI out, A/V out ports and two USB ports to connect the included joystick and another if you have one. Even though there is a HDMI port, the Neo Geo X doesn’t render the games in HD.

There are 20 games pre-installed in the handheld console which includes gems such as Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and Metal Slug but the mega pack which also comes with the gold edition contains a further 15 games so there’s plenty of variety and each game renders perfectly. With the rarity of these games in circulation today, it pretty much justifies the £125 price tag on Funstock but you’re getting an excellently manufactured product.


The Neo Geo X is a nice return to the past with so many legendary games in the palm of your hand, playing this thing made me ask myself why I never invested in a Neo Geo in the first place. I play with the handheld more due to the comfort but the docking station is nicely designed and renders each game nicely on any TV. It may be a bit pricey for old games but you’re getting excellent value for money. A perfect gift for Christmas. I score the Neo Geo X Gold Edition 5/5

Neo Geo X Gold Edition

Manufacturer: Tommo

Developer: SNK Playmore

Available from:

Price: £125.00

Design – 5/5

Usability – 5/5

Performance – 5/5

Overall – 5/5

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