Roy 'Chubby' Brown says he is a victim of 'cancel culture' after Colne Muni show is axed after one complaint

Controversial stand-up comic Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown, famous for his adult material, claims he has become a victim of ‘cancel culture’ after Pendle Council took the decision to axe his planned November show at the Colne Muni.

A furious Brown took to his official Facebook page to vent his anger over the decision, while Pendle Council chief executive Rose Rouse said she had made the decision to cancel “in the best interests of our community.”

The popular but controversial comic is famous for his offensive humour, risqué jokes and disdain for political correctness, an approach which has polarised opinion of him in the public eye for years.

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Brown wrote: “I’ve Just been informed by my management that the council cancellation culture has reared its ugly head again at Colne Muni Theatre.

Stand-up comic Roy 'Chubby' Brown says he is the victim of 'cancel culture' after his show at the Colne Muni Theatre was cancelled by Pendle Council

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    “We were booked to come back to the Colne Muni Theatre for November this year and tickets were already on sale, the venue then informed us that they had received ONE, yes ONE complaint from a resident, this complaint was passed onto the local council leader and his/her decision was to inform the venue that due to the ONE complaint, that as the venue was publicly funded they would have to cancel the booking.

    “This is one person dictating to the whole community in Pendle on what they can and can’t watch or do and taking away their freedom of choice even though you voted them in with your best interests at heart!

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    “All I can do is apologise to all my fans in Colne, I would ask you please not to blame the venue in anyway for this decision, and vent any frustration/anger/complaints towards the Muni Theatre as it wasn’t their decision, the venue were just following the council’s instructions.

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    “I was looking forward to coming back in November until the individual council leader decided to overrule and inform the venue to cancel, minority prevails over the majority again it seems.

    "Again, I ask you to please direct any complaints directly to your local council offices for explanations if you feel the need to, from what I’m led to believe it basically appears it’s an individual councillors decision made after receiving one complaint from one resident of Colne.

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    "I find it very confusing that as a publicly funded venue the councillor would make this decision to cancel on the back of one complaint when the majority of the public want to see the show or if not be dictated to on what they can and can’t do and have freedom of choice, the show has sold out annually for many years and never been a problem bringing laughter and revenue to the venue and town, so why now?

    “I repeat it’s just COMEDY behind closed doors and a bit of fun for all, if you are in the minority and the nature of my show is not your cup of tea, I totally respect that, so don’t buy a ticket that is your choice, but don’t spoil it for the majority with complaints or bans, let people decide for themselves!”

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    Chief executive Rose Rouse confirmed the decision: “We understand that this decision will disappoint some people.

    “But we felt strongly that we should request that the Roy ‘Chubby’ Brown show be cancelled in the best interests of our community.”