“The everyday game is right here at home” - Burnley chairman Alan Pace on a European Super League

Clarets chairman Alan Pace will be in tomorrow’s emergency Premier League meeting to discuss the formation of a new European Super League.
Alan PaceAlan Pace
Alan Pace

But the 53-year-old, who took over at Turf Moor at the turn of the year, is a firm believer that the domestic game is where it is at.

Pace is yet to comment on the development that has seen England’s’big six’ - Manchester United, City, Arsenal, Spurs, Chelsea and Liverpool - state their intent to form a breakaway competition with the Milan clubs and Juventus, both Real and Atletico Madrid, and Barcelona.

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The league will be something of a closed shop, with those founding clubs unable to be relegated.

However, when asked about the prospect of a European Super League when speaking to the media for the first time in early January, Pace admitted he could understand the appeal, but feels the Premier League should be clubs’ bread and butter: "My views on the Premier League are very, very clear.

“It is the best league in the world, bar none.

“That's my opinion.

“I can see why there is advantages and why it would turn heads, and I think that thats never going to change.

“For some people, it will always be 'the grass is greener on the other side'.

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“It makes complete sense for a club that is tapped out on revenue streams who can only see that as an opportunity.”

But, for someone who fell in love with football by seeing Hristo Stoichkov score a late winner for Johann Cruyff’s Barcelona dream team against Real Madrid in El Clasico in 1992, the Premier League remains the priority: "I like the Champions League format.

“I was turned onto football by going to a Real Madrid-Barcelona game, so I understand seeing Barcelona playing a Liverpool or Chelsea is fantastic.

“But that should not be, in my opinion, the everyday game.

“The everyday game is right here at home."