Pancakes - the easy way!

Take the hassle out of Pancake Day

Want to make flipping pancakes easy and stress-free? Or do you just fancy an indulgent weekend stack of delicious fluffy blueberry pancakes drizzled in maple syrup?

The breakfast in bed pancake kit (photo: 44Foods)The breakfast in bed pancake kit (photo: 44Foods)
The breakfast in bed pancake kit (photo: 44Foods)

Ethical food retailer 44 Foods has made life even easier with its new Breakfast in Bed Pancake Kit bundle - launched just in time for Shrove Tuesday. Featuring a ready-made pancake mix from Doves, along with fresh blueberries, lemon, milk and hand-crafted maple syrup, the only question is, how many can you eat?!

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44 Foods is the UK’s fairest food delivery service, whose founder, Lasse Hansen wants to re-educate our customers about the fact that good food is not a quick, cheap, throwaway commodity – but is often the product of months of hard work, with real people in the background, struggling to make a living with prices squeezed down in a highly-competitive industry.

Working directly with producers and farmers, it lets them set their own prices. And thanks to its policy of only ordering from them when a new order comes in, it’s successfully reducing food waste and providing customers with the freshest food available.

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