Uzair’s amazing eight stone weight loss

Uzair Shafique has lost eight stone in three years - after a talking to by his aunty!

Monday, 23rd March 2015, 3:00 pm
Uzair Shafique weight loss (s)

Uzair (22), who lives on Colne Road, weighed in at 21.5 stone three years ago but has now reduced his weight to a healthy 14 stone.

“My aunty actually sat me down one day and told me how my weight was getting out of hand and that I should join a local gym and train for even half an hour per day,” said Uzair, who is studying a Masters Degree in Digital Marketing while also working part-time as a reservations agent for cottages4you.

“I failed my exams and, due to stress and being unhappy with my results, eating became an excuse.

Uzair Shafique weight loss (s)

“However, after my aunty spoke to me, she made me join FX Fitness Experience and I had personal training sessions and was also given a meal plan to eat five or six times a day every few hours to keep me full.

“I started to see progress and changes in my face as the fat was coming off so quickly and loved it. I’ve never looked back since and currently hit the gym three times a day on some days as I love training so much.”

Uzair admits the weight loss has helped to transform his life.

“I feel absolutely great and a changed person,” he said, who also trains at the Muscle Factory on Daneshouse Road.

“It felt like I was just stuck in the wrong body and I wondered how I ended up putting on so much weight.

“Previously, I had tried a lot of diets including the fasting diet, water diet, juice plus and so many others.

“With these, I used to lose a stone a week but the following week the diet would become hard and I put on more weight.

“So I found a plan that worked.

“I would say to other people who are in my situation, to keep working hard at their goals and not to give up because of the negativity from others. This journey is for you, no one else.”