Pendle Tory councillor quits and defects to Labour

A Pendle Conservative councillor has quit the Tories and defected to Labour.

Southfield and Marsden ward councillor Mohammed Adnan has resigned as a Conservative councillor and joined the Labour group on Pendle Council.

Coun. Adnan explained that he had become tired of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and accused his former Pendle Conservative colleagues of not speaking up.

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He said: "Over the past 12 months I have like many local people become tired of the manner in which Boris Johnson and the Conservatives have lurched from crisis to crisis at the expense of hard-working people in my ward.

Coun. Mohammed Adnan (centred) has defected to the Pendle Labour group from the Conservatives

"Unfortunately, the Pendle Conservatives leadership have decided not to speak up against the wrong and damaging decisions made by their government which they appear to be happy to implement. I believe the Labour Party offer the hope we need in Pendle.”

Leader of the Labour Group, Coun. Mohammed Iqbal MBE, welcomed Coun. Adnan to his group and also criticised Chancellor Rishi Sunak over his announcements in yesterday’s spring statement.

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He said: "I'm delighted to welcome Coun. Adnan into the Labour group.

"He's a young individual who cares about his community and knows the damage the Conservative Party is doing to our area.

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"It is worrying that Pendle Conservatives are planning a further £500,000 of cuts to services at a time when they should be lobbying their government for a fair funding deal for Pendle.

"The announcements from the Chancellor in his his spring statement yesterday will not help Pendle residents struggling to make ends meet with the cost of living crisis.”

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