Radio 1 DJ Jordan North’s special message to the people of Burnley after rowing heroics

BBC Radio 1 DJ Jordan North had a special message for the people of Burnley following his Comic Relief rowing exploits.

The Burnley FC-loving presenter was left on the verge of tears after completing the final leg of his incredible five-day, 100-mile journey from London to Burnley.

His oar-some efforts have now seen him raise more than £600,000 for the charity, and he could not have been more grateful for the support he received during, and at the end, of his challenge.

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Jordan North celebrates the end of his 100 mile rowing challenge with a pint of Guinness. Photo: Kelvin Stuttard

"I know I’m always harping on about the town and the football club, but the reason why I am is because this is a great town that sometimes doesn’t get represented in the right way. And today, just seeing so many people out on the bridges, on the banks, on the sides, it was really, really lovely; it’s the best of this great town. So thank you to everyone who came down and to everyone who has donated.”

He even had some kind words for the town’s M65 neighbours.

"Do you know what, fair play to the people of Blackburn. I got a bit of stick rowing through, but one lad popped his head of a window and said, ‘Even though you’re a Dingle, I’ll give you a fiver’. And then another lady said, ‘Are you going back to ‘Dingle Land?’ I said, ‘I am’, and she said, ‘I’m going to donate’. So even the lovely people of Blackburn have put their hands in their pockets as well.”