Kind-hearted Burnley PT hosts fabulous fundraiser for Pendleside Hospice and The Brain Tumour Charity in memory of two friends - here are 15 photos

A Burnley personal trainer has stepped up to the plate to fundraise for charity in the memory of two friends.

Michelle Williamson, of Shell’s PT, hosted a special afternoon tea at The Holgate in Manchester Road to raise funds for Pendleside Hospice and The Brain Tumour Charity in tribute to Claire Halstead and Kelly Ann McDermott.

Kelly Ann died from breast cancer aged 34 last year and Claire passed away suddenly aged 54 from a brain tumour.

"They were both my good friends and PT clients for a number of years. Kelly was like my second daughter, I thought the world of her, and Claire was a family friend and we went all through school together. We had some real good times.

“I always said I would never let them be forgotten so it started with a food-tasting evening at mine that raised £300. I decided that day I could do this on a bigger scale so I decided to find a venue and it went from there. The lovely people at The Holgate gave me the room for free and I sold 140 tickets."

The community has rallied round over the past two months to donate prizes, including more than 150 bottles of alcohol.

"There was just me to sort it. I got helpers to set up and clear away, who were amazing. It was supposed to be a little afternoon quiet tea party, which turned into 140 people with Sean Mcreen doing Bongo Bingo, which the ladies absolutely loved. It was an amazing afternoon.

"Raising funds for Pendleside Hospice and The Brain Tumour Charity has been so rewarding. I just wanted to do this for our two angels. They were the life and soul of any party and they would have loved it.”

Michelle would like to thank Mukhtar Mirza, Tesco’s Burnley Community Champion and everyone who attended the event, including the friends of Claire and Kelly.

"Most of the ladies who came had never met Kelly and Claire but came to support me and these amazing charities. I have the best support network with my PT clients, who have been totally amazing, and to everyone involved, here’s to the next one near Christmas.”