Dave Fishwick's TikTok video puts him on Cloud 9 with 24 million views

Man of the moment Dave Fishwick could be forgiven for thinking he’s on Cloud Nine after his latest venture – flying his helicopter on social media platform TikTok – has seen him garner 24 million global views!

Burnley banker and minibus salesman Dave, the subject of an upcoming Netflix biopic, was filmed flying his helicopter from his home in the Ribble Valley for the hit video sharing platform.

Dave said: “I love flying helicopters and have been flying for over 25 years.

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"Some days when I am stressed from work, and I arrive home, look up at the sky and choose a great big cloud to go and sit on, I get my Bell Jetranger helicopter out of the hangar and fly up to the cloud and hover just above it, slowing the helicopter down to the same speed and height as the cloud, it is an amazing feeling.

Dave Fishwick's Ferrari and helicopter which features on his latest viral TikTok video

"I have a real passion for flying, so I decided to make a few videos for people who love aviation, and things have just gone viral!

“I joined TikTok just a few weeks ago and my videos combined have already had 24 million global views!”

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Dave added: “I was contacted by BuzzFeed, as they had noticed I was going viral with lots of my videos.

Dave Fishwick at the controls of his helicopter, which has gone viral on TikTok

“I have just done a huge interview with a journalist from the BuzzFeed office in New York which will soon be shown across all the BuzzFeed networks, TV and social media across the globe.

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“BuzzFeed’s videos have the biggest media reach in the world and have had over 17.4 billion views.

“Hopefully I’m helping put Burnley and Lancashire on the map!”