Colne conjuror discovers magic of Zoom with a million hits of his tricks

Colne conjuror Darren Lee and a young fanColne conjuror Darren Lee and a young fan
Colne conjuror Darren Lee and a young fan
A Colne conjuror who has spent the past 36 years entertaining children has discovered some new magic after a Zoom show saw him attract more than one million views.

When the pandemic meant he could no longer perform live shows in person, Darren Lee turned to the magic of the internet, and began offering his shows online thanks to the video conferencing platform Zoom.

But having joined the latest social media craze to spread a little magic, he never expected one of his first tricks to be watched over one million times.

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Darren said: “I’m definitely not your normal TikTok creator - I am much older and I don’t sing or dance. But I joined the app to share some magic tricks and to keep me busy when I’m not performing shows on Zoom.

"I never imagined that a trick performed by me in my bedroom would reach over one million people around the world! If I was younger I could understand it, but this is crazy! I’m still learning how to use the platform, and have lots more magic to share as time allows.”

The Colne born performer is also the President of The Order of The Magi, Britain's third oldest Magic Society, with members from all over Lancashire and Greater Manchester.

Formed in 1909, the magic club has had many famous members, including legendary escapologist and magician Harry Houdini, but it is thought that his video on TikTok is possibly the most watched performance of a single magic trick by any Order of The Magi member.

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During lockdown, Order of The Magi members have also turned to the internet and have been holding their monthly meetings thanks to Zoom.

Darren has received messages of congratulations from his colleagues from around the world as far as the Philippines.

To celebrate 1.1million views, he will be offering a free 30 minute magic show on Zoom to a local family.

“I know that there are many children that haven’t been able to celebrate birthdays properly over the past year, and I want to offer a child, and their family and friends, a chance of some magic.

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If you know of a child between five and eight years old who you think deserves a free socially distanced magic show, get in touch. I will be picking someone at the end of the month. It doesn’t even have to be their birthday.”

You can message Darren through his Facebook page “Darren Lee Magic Show”, and follow him on TikTok at @darrenleemagicshow.

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