Burnley readers' mixed response to roundabout removal as part of Town 2 Turf project

The reactions of Burnley residents to news that the Centenary Way roundabout in Burnley town centre is to be removed as part of a £6m. scheme have been mostly negative.
Work is set to begin on the Centenary Way roundaboutWork is set to begin on the Centenary Way roundabout
Work is set to begin on the Centenary Way roundabout

The Burnley Express reported yesterday (Wednesday) that preparatory work to remove the busy roundabout started this week with the removal of trees.

The main part of the project will begin in January when the roundabout will be replaced by pedestrian crossings and traffic lights as part of the £6.1m. Town 2 Turf project.

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The scheme will be funded through Levelling Up grant money and other funding, in partnership between Burnley Council, Lancashire County Council and Burnley Football Club.

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Work begins to remove Centenary Way roundabout in Burnley as part of Town 2 Turf...

However, the reaction from our readers on social media to the news was mixed.

Here’s what some of you had to say:

“There’s on average a game on at Turf Moor once every two weeks, so I feel it’s a bit of a waste of money and a poor slogan to use ‘Town to Turf’ in order to justify the spending of £6m. The subway is currently the safest way of getting from the town centre to Turf Moor, it can’t be any safer at all than going under the road itself. Money needs spending on road markings around town, non-existent in some places. Traffic lights will only add to the mayhem of travelling through Burnley at peak times.”

“The trees in full bloom were a beautiful sight to behold when approaching the roundabout. Another example of turning the town into a concrete jungle. The junction of Belvedere Road, Yorkshire Sreet and Todmorden Road needs more attention. Potholes are dreadful.”

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“Shocking decision, to ruin what was a great sight coming into town, the lights will offer nothing in terms of reduced congestion and likely cause more pedestrian accidents. There are ways to avoid the subway that would add three to five minutes to any journey. This town’s roads are a joke but let’s waste money on a perfectly good bunch of trees and surrounding roads whilst adding further congestion to the town.”

There were some positive responses though:

“They are improving the area and also will help with traffic congestion by having lights to control the area. It will be easier for pedestrians to walk around the area instead of having to go under the dodgy subways.”