Brierfield siblings share lockdown noises they missed for national campaign

A brother and sister from Brierfield have revealed the sounds they missed hearing during lockdown as part of a national campaign.

Eesa and Alayna
Eesa and Alayna

Eesa (5) and four-year-old Alayna feature in a series of videos released UK-wide to show the noises the younger generation longed to hear when the country was in the midst of the pandemic.

The young pair demonstrate their favourite sounds and talk about how they missed going to play centres.

Eesa and Alayna took part in the national ‘It’s The Little Things That Matter’ campaign launched by global hearing specialist Amplifon, which also carried out a survey to ask about the sounds the nation missed – and the noises that remind us of the past year.

Most people in the north said they missed the lack of group laughter from home life the most, while the tinkly sounds of the ice cream van visiting came in second.

Home workers in the north most craved a chat over a brew with colleagues, while half of all those polled in the north said they missed the sound of children playing when they were out and about.

Pub and restaurant chatter was the sound people most wanted to hear at weekends, while the snippety-snip of hairdressers’ scissors was a sound people in the north wanted to hear around town.

The survey, by TLF Research, also looked at the sounds that have been synonymous with the lockdowns plus the sounds that people want to forget once restrictions are completely lifted.

The sound of Boris Johnson and Chris Whitty’s voices reminds northern residents of lockdown the most, but most said they would be quite happy never to hear the daily Covid stats or the words ‘lockdown’, ‘furlough’, ‘tiers’ and ‘restrictions’ again.