19 blockbuster films starring the likes of Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise that owe their epic sound to this Burnley business

The world’s biggest blockbusters would not be as epic without their masterful soundtracks.

And many of them over the years – starring some of the planet’s most beloved actors, including Johnny Depp, Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Cruise – owe their sonic power to AMS Neve in Burnley after using its technology to record their music.

We reported yesterday how Oppenheimer clinched this year’s Oscar for Best Music (Original Score) after the soundtrack was recorded on AMS Neve’s flagship 88RS console at Warner Bros’ Eastwood scoring stage.

The Burnley company, founded by Mark Crabtree OBE, has been instrumental in sculpting the sound of multiple smash-hit films over the years, some, like Oppenheimer and Barbie, being Oscar-winners.

Here are 19 such blockbuster movies: