Why not re-nationalise our energy supply?

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Most recently I have received through my door a Labour Party propaganda leaflet proclaiming “ROBBED”!

Of course the suggestion is that the present lot are robbing us and if we vote Labour somehow it will all be different. From my own perspective, it was a seamless transition from the Blair\Brown bungling to the Cameron\Clegg calamity.

The faces may have changed but their treasonous surrender of our nation’s sovereignty to Europe is just one of the many commonalities they share.

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The leaflet did contain one item of interest with a claim that Labour Leader Ed Miliband will freeze energy prices until the start of 2017 if he becomes PM at the next general election.

A blatant bribe if ever there was one but why stop at a temporary freeze of energy prices? In the past, Labour Governments have taken into public ownership just about every part of this nation’s infrastructure and major industry so why stop at imposing a price freeze on these mainly foreign suppliers of energy?

Why not do what real Labour Governments have always done, re-nationalize our energy supply and then only they would dictate the cost to consumers.

John Cave