War poem: Over The Top

Over the top, over the top, the order we all dread;

First World War
First World War

We’ve already done it three times and half of us are dead.

Is this the way they want us to fight? Are they wrong in their head?

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Another week of this and we’ll all be bloody dead.

If a bullet doesn’t do it, it might be a shell;

Get stuck on that barbed wire, God it’s bloody hell.

You never thought you’d finish up like this three months ago;

You just couldn’t wait to join up, couldn’t wait to go.

It gives you a chance to see the world!

The change will do you good!

You don’t think that as you’re lay there wounded and dying in the mud!

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You’re thinking of your mum and dad and trying not to cry

But this is it, you’re just 19

And it’s your turn to die!

You won’t be the last, there’s bound to be lots more,

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God you know!

I hate this bloody war!

John Williams