School holiday dates are causing a nightmare

Recently we have been warned we must not take our children out of school for holidays under threats of a fine if we do so.

My children are at Blessed Trinity and St Mary Magdalene’s in Burnley. St Mary Magdalene’s is a direct feeder school to Blessed Trinity so there are close links, or so you would expect.

But at the Easter holidays Blessed Trinity took the two weeks before Easter to be in line with pupils from the other high schools in Burnley and be back as soon as possible after Easter to get ready for the GCSEs.

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St Mary Magdalene’s (the feeder primary) had the two weeks after Easter. Why? Questions are referred to the chairman of governors (the parish priest) who says it is a matter for the governing body.

What does that do for the children and parents? There is no way I could take my children away together apart from Good Friday to Easter Monday, but remember, we must take children away only in school holidays.

My friend works three part-time jobs to make ends meet. She can’t afford to take her children away at Easter but now has to juggle and take time off over four weeks rather than two to look after her own children. Does this seem sensible? Will it happen every year?

Concerned parent