River access would be great boost for Whalley

Two television stations have recently reported the fact that the village of Whalley has been included in the list of best places to live in the country.
The River Calder in Whalley. G190805/5cThe River Calder in Whalley. G190805/5c
The River Calder in Whalley. G190805/5c

Both stations showed a picture of the River Calder and the weir. The river is cleaner now than it has been for 200 years and the fish life has been enhanced by including a fish ladder in the recently completed Hydro Project. It is a pity though that many villagers don’t have access to enjoy the river. The Village Plan produced by Whalley Action Group in 2004, among its many suggested village improvements, included the idea that the river could be developed to include a hard platform with a few trees where people could sit, if access was provided for wheelchairs and mothers with prams.

This would only be small compared with the facilities at Edisford for Clitheroe people, but neither Lancashire County Council nor Ribble Valley Borough Council wanted to know. In fact it is difficult to think of any leisure or sports facility in Whalley provided by either authority.

Don Nicholson,

Church Lane, Whalley