Political leaders are the worst bullies

Contained in the Friday, December 27th, edition was an article entitled “Beating the bullies”.
Picture posed by modelsPicture posed by models
Picture posed by models

The text began with a declaration, “All children and young people who live, go to school, work or socialise in Lancashire have the right to go about their daily lives without the fear of being bullied.”

The article failed to clearly define bullying but informed us this was an initiative by Lancashire County Council and its Cabinet Member for young children. That a representative of the political fraternity can claim to be championing an anti-bullying campaign is most ironic when so many of the world’s notorious bullies hail from that same genre.

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Recent examples have been the concerted attacks on Iraq and Libya by the political leaders of the West. Syria may well have been the next victim except for the intervention of Russia, the “big lad” from that other gang of bullies in the east. When these international bullies strut their stuff States fall and people die by the thousand.

At home they use legislation to bully their own people and for those of the populous who refuse to lie down and accept despotism there is always the threat of financial sanction or loss of liberty. Actions, they say, speak louder than words and by their actions it is clear the politician has no concept of what constitutes bullying which should preclude their participation in any such initiative.

Another disturbing aspect of the article was that the image accompanying the text was clearly fabricated to suggest racially ethnic minorities are victims of white aggressors. Will this be a campaign to beat the bully or is it just another stick for the anti-racism mob to beat their own drum?

John Cave