LETTER: Why I will be voting NO to AV

On Thursday, May 5th, in addition to the important local elections we have an important referendum on the voting system we use for future elections. Many people will have received their papers to vote by post this week.

It is a pity this Coalition Government insisted on this important referendum taking place on the same day as local elections. If it had been taken on a different date I think there would have been more debate on the issues involved in this important possible change of voting method. Labour tried to keep the referendum on a separate date but both coalition parties would not agree to that. It is, however, amazing that having forced this referendum the main Government party, the Conservatives, is against the change to AV (Alternative Voting).

The Lib Dems, the minor party and poodles in the coalition will be voting Yes. That said, they do not really want AV, they want PR (Proportional Representation) and AV is certainly NOT PR!

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I strongly support the present system: First Past the Post (FPTP). I do not claim it is perfect, but no system is. Many people will not wish to give a second choice as they are clearly supporters of one party or another. Why should those who support minority (including extremist parties) get effectively a second vote? What is fair about that?

Let us keep it simple and the one winning the most votes is the winner. Many people have asked me for my view and advice and this is simple vote NO in the referendum.