LETTER: When will £50 notes become general tender?

I RECALL a time when the £5 note was a huge sheet of white paper, not exactly A4 size but about half I suppose – is that A5?

On one side, in the heaviest black print I have ever seen, was the customary injunction “promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of...” etc. This awesome sheet of paper was generally never used for financial transactions, but there was invariably one concealed in a drawer beneath layers of paper and old letters. From time to time it would be excavated and presented before wondering eyes, and then put away again. It was a piece of parchment to be gazed at with wonder, rather than a visible note of currency.

Then wonder even greater – it became obsolete. It was withdrawn and a brand new sparkling £5 note, of immense value, was there for legal tender. In the course of time this sparkling wonder of new currency has been diminished into the most diminutive of all our currency notes, now superceded by not only £10 but also £20 notes. On TV adverts etc. I glimpse pictures of £50 notes galore. When are they going to become general tender?


St Chad’s Avenue,


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