LETTER: Pendle-Palestine twinning, a clarification

There seems to be some misunderstanding circulating, with regard to the status and function of Pendle Palestine Twinning Group. (“No councillor on twinning group”, Leader Times, May 24th). May I clarify the position?

The full Pendle Borough Council voted to twin with the Palestinian town of Beit Leed at its meeting on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012.

The meeting between representatives of the council, the Twinning Association and Pendle Palestine Twinning Group on Monday, February 11th, agreed we would manage the twinning arrangements with no cost to the council and local taxpayers. We would keep the council and Twinning Association informed of twinning activities.

On April 8th the Mayor of Pendle kindly accepted the invitation to become President of PPTG to oversee the twinning on behalf of Pendle and PPTG.

Letters of greetings/best wishes for the twinning have been exchanged between the Mayors of Pendle and Beit Leed.


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The president endorsed the decisions of PPTG and confirmed the twinning arrangements between Pendle and Beit Leed are now in place at the meeting of PPTG Management Committee on Tuesday, April 30th.

Richard MacSween

Chair of Pendle Palestine Twinning Group