LETTER: MP needs to support real ale pubs

BELOW is a copy of my letter to Nigel Evans MP urging his to support an Early Day Motion on beer tax.

Nigel lives near a pub. He likes a pint and has supported real ale pubs in the past, but he is not, apparently, supporting this EDM to lower duty on beer. Is he now too important, as he has been made a junior whip? Easy to forget your constituents when you achieve success?

Dear Mr Evans, I am a concerned constituent and pub-goer calling on you to support the Early Day Motion to halt the unfair beer duty escalator that is crippling the Great British Pub.

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The Hobgoblins “British Pub Need You” e-petition to remove the beer escalator raised over 100,000 signatures and a House of Commons debate, yet our voices have been ignored and this tax still remains. On average I pay £1 in beer duty and VAT for every pint I buy in my local. Increases in tax on beer and rises in VAT are cusing pubs in your constituency to close. 750,000 jobs in the UK depend on pubs and breweries. Freezing beer duty would save in excess of 5,000 jobs, supporting the country’s growth agenda. It is crucial that you support the Early Day Motion and sign here (www.parliament.uk/edm/2012-13/703) to stop this unfair and unjustifiable tax.

I look forward to seeing your signature on the Early Day Motion 703.