LETTER: Labour leaders got rid of Royal Yacht Britannia

Further to the point made by M. Thompson (Letters, May 13th) that Ed Miliband is a disgrace for not speaking out in favour of past leaders who were not invited to the Royal wedding.

I, too, agree with him, but no doubt Mr Miliband well remembers what most other Labour supporters have already, and most conveniently forgotten, was that the first act of vindictiveness by Messrs Blair and Brown was to deprive our Queen of the Royal Yacht Britannia, which was owned by the nation and operated by the Navy.

The Royal Yacht was a national asset, and along with the Queen she had promoted England and had flown our flag in every quarter of the globe.

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While hosting all the major and prominent dignitaries of the world, she was also a ship where over many years countless trade deals had been made, and contracts signed, for the benefit of British industry.

In my view Blair and Brown are also a great disgrace, and I wouldn’t have invited them either.


Colne (via email)

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