Labour leader did not attend fee-paying school

Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband (D544H418)Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband (D544H418)
Leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband (D544H418)
In his letter, Paul Nuttall (UKIP deputy leader) wrote “The domination of the country’s top jobs by those educated at fee paying schools must change”.

Is he unaware the leader of his own party, Nigel Farage, was educated at a fee-paying school (Dulwich College), or perhaps this letter was a subtle hint about a challenge for the leadership?

If not, and he would prefer to be a member of a party not led by someone educated at a fee-paying school, he may well like to consider joining the Labour Party. Its leader, Ed Milliband, was educated at state schools, his secondary education being at Haverstock Comprehensive School in Chalk Farm, London.

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I infer from Mr Nuttall’s wish to bring back grammar schools that he would see that such an education was a disadvantage, however Ed Milliband did achieve four good A levels and went on to a place at Oxford. Interestingly his brother David did exactly the same.

Mr Nuttall also wrote: “It is essential we bring back grammar schools which truly provide a level playing field for all”. How can he possibly justify such a statement unless he envisages all children going to a grammar school. In which case it will be comprehensive education!

Trevor Marklew,

by email