Labour are simply scaremongering

I have just received the latest Labour Party election leaflet.

Entitled “Pendle Leader Azhar Ali”. Really? I did not realise he was the leader of Pendle. I must have missed something.

In my opinion, the leaflet was full of inaccuracies and was nothing more than scaremongering.

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Next PM in Pendle? I don’t think so: Ed Milliband visited Pendle in February. Apparently the audience was made up of a cross section of the community and not just hand-picked Labour supporters and the event was unscripted and unrehearsed. Who are they trying to kid?

Cuts to the police service: Yes, but these have been made effectively and crime has fallen.

Clean Energy: Under the last Labour Government, its green energy policies caused energy costs to rise. The next Labour government will commit Britain to making our electricity supply carbon free by 2030. The only chance of that happening is no chance.

Fracking: Azhar commissioned the world’s first independent health impact assessment on fracking. Really?

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Small businesses and the economy: Labour wrecked the economy last time. Can they be trusted to do anything different this time? No chance.

Milliband and Balls in Downing Street. Ali and Iqbal in Pendle. A disaster waiting to happen if ever there was one.

Ken Simmons

Bethesda Street. Barnoldswick