Government cuts are not inevitable

The news Pendle Council is to abandon Trawden Community Centre is yet another example of the impact of the cuts forced by central government upon local services.

The grant to Pendle Council from central government has been cut by 60%. Local Tories and Lib Dems try to wash their hands of responsibility but the fact is there is a choice and their parties are the ones making it.

Cuts to local services, such as these, are not inevitable. There is another way.

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This government believes it has enough money to give a tax cut to millionaires and to make sure bankers’ bonuses and energy companies are not taxed further, but when it comes to money for local services, from community halls to lunch clubs for the elderly, from green bin collections to the upkeep of the roads, it says there is not enough money.

There is a choice. Great damage is currently being done and it is deeply unfair. We all need to speak out and force different choices to be made.

Malcolm Birks

Labour Party candidate for Horsfield

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