Fracking is not a ‘quick fix’

I wish to reply to the letter from Michael Sutcliff of Brierfield.
exploratory fracking drilling rig. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wireexploratory fracking drilling rig. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire
exploratory fracking drilling rig. Photo: Gareth Fuller/PA Wire

I agree with him that all the main parties have failed to address our future energy needs and security but shale gas is not a “quick fix” as it would take many years for the gas to be extracted.

Nor would it, as Mr Sutcliff claims, bring good high-skilled jobs to the area because companies such as Cuadrilla and Igas already employ their own staff.

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Indeed, this process would threaten existing jobs in tourism, agriculture and farming because of its impact.

The United Kingdom has signed up to an international agreement to lower carbon emissions by reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.

We do have well-trained engineers in this area of Lancashire and their skills could be used in a more positive way. The TUC has launched a campaign to create a million green jobs across the country as they see this as the way forward.

A recent edition of this newspaper covered the Labour Party election launch. The speakers involved were asked questions about the industry.

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County Coun. Azhar Ali is the county council executive member for health and wellbeing and has commissioned the world’s first health impact assessment of fracking to inform the county council’s decision.

It is not just a “few noisy Greens” who are concerned about the environment and health impacts of shale gas extraction but a cross-section of concerned people, organisations and businesses who would prefer a sustainable future for our young people.

Fuel produced by hydro-electricity, community energy projects and solar panel installation should be supported.

People in Australia, Canada and the USA are turning away from fracking. There is a moratorium on it in New York State, Scotland and a strong campaign against it in California.

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Germany are well ahead in their green energy production and have a strong economy too.

All political parties should be supporting green initiatives, but it is only the Green Party who are against the fracking process and have a clear policy on the alternatives.

Jane Wood

Friends of the Earth, Burnley and District Group