Counting down to 2015 General Election

The political conference season finally closed and the campaign has started for the Euro elections next year and General Election of 2015, when the promises made will voted on by the sceptical electorate.

Lib-Dems want to impose a mansion tax and free school meals and Ed Miliband has promised Labour would freeze energy prices – he was the one that forced energy costs to rise when he was in charge of them in the last Labour Government.

PM David Cameron, while being very upbeat in his speech about the future, remained silent about the EU.

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Leading up to the conference he was telling us he was going to negotiate a new relationship and repatriate powers from Brussels.

However, according to Mr Barroso, the European Commission president, Mr Cameron’s plans are doomed as the other European leaders will veto them. Again, Mr Cameron’s promises on our future with the EU appear to be another case of empty rhetoric.

Philip Griffiths

North-West Chairman

UK Independence Party