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I was honoured to speak at the UK Independent Party Conference this week. It will come as no surprise to readers of this column that I took part in a conference entitled ’the war on woke’.

In my keynote address I talked about my background and the generations that impacted my life. I’m proud to have parents into their 70’s and grandparents who left us in their 90’s. I believe I had one of the best generations to raise me!

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What I really despise today, those generations feel afraid to speak for fear of getting their wording wrong, or having their thoughts judged.

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Rebecca JaneRebecca Jane
Rebecca Jane

I always come from a place that 'no conversation is a bad conversation', we should always be open to every humans ideas and theories. The level of understanding only feels to be going one way, and if we don’t speak up, we are at risk of losing those qualities in generations to come.

The problem I have, it doesn’t seem to be about ‘conversation’, it seems to be about who can shout the loudest, pulling the craziest and outlandish stunts.

The ‘woke’ generation have an entitled attitude that determines their beliefs are the only right beliefs and everything else should be shut down. We’re expected to understand their views, but they don’t understand ours… all because we may disagree. To question their facts or evidence is a crime and we’re wrong if we even ask.

Protestors threw milk all over the floor of Harrods. Why? Well, without serious research, I couldn’t tell you. After my research, it concludes they were protesting about the cruelty and destruction caused by animal farming. Presumably in order to produce the milk. I’d like to find more than 10 people who can say that because of their milk throwing behaviour, they went off to research the cruelty animals suffer for milk production. Let alone someone who actually converted to only drinking non-dairy milk because of the protest.

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The protestors chose their own path, they favour lunacy stunts and they get headlines. Did they educate anyone about animal cruelty? No. Did anyone convert because of their stunt? Doubtful. The only guarantee is that Harrods buyers rolled their eyes and placed ANOTHER order to reorder the spilt milk!

I won’t even start on ‘Morons of the year 2021’, Insulate Britain that are back to penalising the average human by sitting in roads and causing chaos again. Stopping the unwell man getting to hospital in his electric car, the mother getting to her child who has suffered an accident or the self employed plumber losing his hard earned cash because of their idiotic protests. Has anyone ever been educated by Insulate Britain? Not in my opinion, they’re just creating a civil war instead.

Then, we have the average human who has transitioned from being male to female and tries gaslighting those older generations who do not recognise they were born their current gender at birth. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it a million times again. In 5 years time, I won’t be gaslit by a man identifying as a fish, because that is what life is coming to.

How do we turn the tide of woke nonsense? We be more ‘JK’. Remember JK Rowling? Last year, I took a very excitable 9 year old to see JK Rowling’s statue in Edinburgh. We got to said statue and it was covered up. Protestors had continuously thrown paint over the statue until authorities boarded it up. Child was no longer excitable! What were the fruit loops protesting about?! JK Rowling had spoken out about the Mermaids Charity and them sending underwear to young children to conceal their gender, without parents knowledge. Within weeks, JK went from a national hero to outlawed and a small few tried to ‘cancel’ her. Those small few made one big fat noise!

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With one comment, a lifetime of work was undone by a bunch of people that certainly didn’t represent the majority of the public.

Today, JK is vindicated. The charity has been closed down and their practices were deemed as extreme. It would have been easy for her to take her comments back and go with the tide of contempt.

WE can turn the tides on the woke nonsense by holding our own. If you operate from a place of authentic truth, how can we go wrong? We HAVE to listen to opinions, we have to look at facts, evidence and allow people to live their lives however they think or feel.

If you’re not walking a mile in that humans shoes, you cannot tell them how to live their life. What they eat, drink and certainly not what they believe.

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Allow all humans to exist, exactly as we are. Challenge behaviours, thoughts and help educate our children for a better future.

Woke behaviour is a civil war that is taking our generation back hundreds of years, and it’s time it stopped.

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