The only thing that needs to be ‘quietly quit’ is the entitled attitude of a woke generation | Rebecca Jane column

‘Quiet quitting’, have you heard about it!?

It is a breed of people who are not quitting their jobs, they are quietly quitting going above and beyond for their role. It’s a human who turns up to their job and does the bare minimum to get by and not get fired. You know what I call it?! Lazy.

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In my opinion it is another level of woke behaviour to make laziness acceptable. Readers of this column are very familiar with my stance on the hard-working qualities of generations gone, and how the generations coming through have a level of entitled behaviour that makes laziness acceptable.

Rebecca Jane

If we don’t speak up and speak out against the behaviour now, we are going to be even more infiltrated by whining, work shy, lazy people than ever before - and I already think we’re in an epidemic.

If you don’t like your job, leave it. Find your passion, something you’re enthusiastic about - but don’t stay in a role where you’re quietly quitting, doing the bare minimum to get by and draining the life and soul from a business.

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The world thrives on flexibility, and the quiet quitters seem to believe that only goes one way. Heaven forbid a human is required to stay after work for 20 minutes extra to get their job done.

I have had a few Gen-Z’s tell me this behaviour is ’them knowing their worth’ and thinking they are entitled to do this.

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They are entitled, certainly they are - but when your child is sick and you need to look after them, or there’s a school play you don’t want to miss, or when your car breaks down and you need to work from home, don’t expect your employer to understand. If you want to ‘quiet quit’, expect the same behaviour in return.

I work in mental health. I understand how humans require boundaries and excessively answering every email that comes through over a weekend may be an employer expecting too much. However, refusal to answer any email outside of office hours is blatant disrespect for your role and employment you have been given.

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In my opinion, we don’t just work to live any more. That’s what generations of the past did, people took a job that just paid their bills. ‘Careers’ weren’t really a thing in the 1950’s, for some they were, obviously… Today, our jobs are more extensions of our lives, we make career choices for industries we love and make it part of our lifestyle. Obviously, there are exceptions.

Woke behaviour is a sense of entitlement, a tunnel vision for other people’s opinions and believing everything you say is right.

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Imagine quiet quitting your relationship!? ’No darling, I don’t want to listen to your problems outside of 9-5pm’, ‘I am only available to see you for 2 hours on a weekend’… that kind of tunnel vision approach is only going to end in disaster. The success of any relationship, working or personal is the ability to have conversations, be open and honest with each other.

Your employer is no different. If you’re a quiet quitter, remember who believed in you when you were looking for a job, the person who provides the finances for your lifestyle and the person backing you up when your life takes an unexpected turn and you need help. The only thing that needs to be ‘quietly quit’ is the entitled attitude of a woke generation.