Still no stopping some idiots

Driving whilst using your mobile is illegalDriving whilst using your mobile is illegal
Driving whilst using your mobile is illegal
I suppose that after 56 years of shuffling around on this planet, nothing that life can throw in my face should surprise me.

But guess what, it does!

If you didn’t know by now, on Wednesday the fines for using your mobile phone while driving was increased to £200 and the penalty points doubled to six.

On my way home on Wednesday evening, I thought I’d do a quick check around and see if this had finally put an end to this stupid, dangerous practice.

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Gannow Lane, Burnley, man driving 06 plate Audi A4 chatting away.

M65 slip road, Gannow Top, man driving 11 plate Citroen chatting away.

M65 slip road, Brierfield, woman driving 03 plate Mini chatting away.

Traffic lights Lomeshaye Road, Nelson, man driving 09 plate van chatting away.

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So it would seem that there is either no chance of educating some people or that there is still a chunk of the motoring public which deems itself above the law.

Of course driving while ordering your favourite takeaway or sorting out a night out is not the only stupid practice on our roads.

I have seen people sending, receiving or checking text messages and other clearly crushing candy while at the wheel, all of them oblivious to the traffic light which has just changed colour or the lady pushing a pram across the road in front of them.

Now being caught twice doing any of this while driving will see an errant driver forced off the road or, few a new driver, one infringement will be enough.

Or will it?

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Last week I was also staggered to learn that the totting up procedure does not automatically lead to a ban.

In what would now appear to be a time honoured tradition, if you get the right lawyer you can escape the law.

One bloke is still quite happily driving around somewhere in the North East with more than 60 points on his licence.

Why? He’d lose his job without his licence. Tough. If you’re licence is crucial to your job, treat it with respect.