PC attack on Tom and Jerry so sad

Plans for the content of this morning’s dairy took a last-minute change on Thursday when Mr Pendle picked up his daily newspaper and read that the cartoon series Tom and Jerry had been branded as racially prejudiced.

Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry

The original subject was to be the colossal waste of money trying to land a probe on a comet – with the emphasis being on the word trying. There is no guarantee of success.

But then he read that internet giant Amazon is warning its subscribers to one of its services that having a black maid in some of the cartoons ”depicts ethnic and racial prejudices which were once commonplace in American society” – and yet the central of theme of violence which is a feature of all the cartoons does not warrant a warning.

Critics of the move have described the move as sad, ridiculous and madness – and they are right to do so.

The cartoons have entertained young and old alike for nearly 75 years without so much as a murmur of complaint.

And if something like Tom and Jerry is branded as racist, where do we draw the line?

Mr Pendle – and countless others – watched Tom and Jerry for the hilarious inter-action between the two and barely noticed the maid, let alone the colour of her skin.

Let us hope adults who enjoyed the cartoons in the past will show them to their own children – and treat Amazon’s branding as the politically correct nonsense which it is.