Looking after your liver

Recently I wrote about using cleansing herbs and probiotics as part of a quick fix solution to help with post-Christmas bloating.
Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop.Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop.
Jenny Logan. Health Food Shop.

Cleansing herbs are also often used in detox packages and as part of a weight loss solution.

The problem with that is that, while clearing the bowel out can be a quick fix, it does nothing to aid the metabolism and ultimately will not help weight loss either – after all, what is in the bowel has already been digested and absorbed.

The liver is the main metabolic organ, believe it or not.

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While many people worry about their thyroid, it is actually the liver which is responsible for deciding whether things are burned as energy or stored as fat.

The liver converts the thyroid hormone produced into its active form, so if the liver is not functioning well, and a person appears to be struggling with thyroid problems or sluggish metabolism, the liver could be part of the problem.

If on thyroid medication and still struggling, then looking at the liver could be really helpful.

This is because the liver has a lot of jobs to do. As well as being involved with the metabolism and blood sugar balance, it aids digestion, fat breakdown and detoxification.

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If it is feeling overworked and under pressure then a person will tend to feel sluggish, tired and may be struggling to lose weight.

Boosting liver function therefore is vital for those truly wanting to detox in the new year.

Taking care of the liver is also a major consideration for those looking to lose weight, alongside the cleansing herbs, to help feel more energised and give the metabolism a real kick.

This is why when people come to see us for help with weight loss or for a good detox, we use a combination of cleansing herbs and probiotics with Vogel Milk Thistle Complex.

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The reason we choose the Vogel Milk Thistle Complex over other milk thistle products is because it also contains artichoke and dandelion. These herbs bring something extra to the party.

Artichoke helps with the production and release of bile, so will improve the digestion and breakdown of fats. Dandelion also aids digestion, improves blood sugar balance and helps to relieve water retention.

While these fantastic herbs are helping with detox, digestion and weight loss in this way, Milk Thistle is said to help to improve the functioning and regeneration of the liver itself.