Amazing national ‘enterprising’ honour for Burnley

Burnley Lancashire Named as Most Enterprising Area in the UKBurnley Lancashire Named as Most Enterprising Area in the UK
Burnley Lancashire Named as Most Enterprising Area in the UK
On the last week of recess before Parliament began, I went with my family for a week’s holiday to CenterParcs.

It was a great place to go to have fun, but I ended up only being there for two days due to coming back to Burnley for an event and then was straight to London after Parliament was recalled over the issue of Syria. I was able to fit many fun activities into a short space of time and thoroughly enjoyed the time with my family.

As a town we had some of the best news that Burnley is officially the ‘Most Enterprising Area in the UK’ in 2013.

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The accolade, awarded through the Government Department for Business, Innovation and Skills, recognises and celebrates the range of business, enterprise and economic development work that has reshaped Burnley’s reputation.

The Burnley Bondholders scheme sets Burnley apart from the rest of Britain, an initiative that brings together over 100 local firms that work together to promote Burnley as a place for business.

This award citation says Burnley is said to be the area that best demonstrates improving economic prospects and encourages enterprise by best practice in supporting a stronger, more dynamic enterprise culture; exhibiting pioneering examples of enterprise activity throughout their area; and providing role models to inspire other areas to be more enterprising; a huge testament to the dedication and quality of the companies involved.

The fantastic innovative spirit of companies is the very reason we are heading in the right direction.

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I really am delighted with this news and it was great to go to the impressive Burnley College Campus in Princess Way to celebrate this.

There were lots of familiar faces there which included business leaders, politicians and the media. I am proud of what our town has achieved so far and look forward to it continuing in the right direction in future.

As many of you are no doubt aware, Parliament was recalled to vote on the issue of Syria. I voted no on this issue with my main reason that there simply was not enough information. I am concerned that once we press the go button, how do we press the stop button and it is for this reason I voted the way I did. I remain unconvinced that intervention would help diplomatic relations or ensure long term stability. It is my position that unless we have full approval from the UN, Britain should not get involved.

Moving to positive news on apprenticeships, it is wonderful that lots of apprenticeships are happening in our town and the apprenticeships numbers have doubled in the last year.

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I hope this continues and I will do all I can to help raise these numbers as the Government Apprenticeship Ambassador.