A helping hand to kill off '˜bad' bacteria

I recently wrote about using cleansing herbs and a probiotic to help clear Christmas bloating and sluggishness. However, I know there are many people who struggle with bloating on a more long-term basis, waking sometimes with a flat(ish) tummy, but finding that throughout the day their tummy swells and their trousers get tighter and tighter until it's extremely uncomfortable.

By The Newsroom
Tuesday, 19th January 2016, 6:03 am
Jenny Logan.
Jenny Logan.

For those people it can take a little bit more work than the simple cleansing herbs approach and we tend to find this is because often, in these cases, there has been an overgrowth of the fermentative bacteria which live in the gut. This can happen very easily – antibiotics, stress or a high sugar diet can all kill off the good bacteria which should be in the gut.

This allows the stronger fermentative bacteria to start growing and filling the space left causing levels of fermentation to increase, leading to greater amounts of gas. This symptom can be accompanied by additional problems linked to bacterial overgrowth including thrush, skin problems and catarrh.

To deal with this problem a two-pronged approach is needed.

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Firstly – kill off the fermentative bacteria. To do this sugar needs to be cut out of the diet. This is because sugar, including fruit and fruit juices, feeds the fermentation process. This is only temporary so don’t panic. As well as this, we recommend the use of a product called Citricidal. This is an extract from grapefruit seeds, which has been found to be effective at killing off bacteria. It doesn’t taste great but customers tell us that after just a couple of days taking it, they do not mind the taste, as they feel so much better. We usually suggest using Citricidal for two weeks for maximum benefit.

Secondly – replace and boost the good bacteria. This is very important, because if we simply kill off the bad bacteria and do not replace the good bacteria, the bad will simply grow back again. To do this we use Higher Nature Probio Daily, a robust bacteria supplement which is designed to enter the gut and start to grow. Again people tend to start noticing the benefits of using this after just a few days with less bloating, better digestion and more regular bowel habits. Alongside the Probio we also suggest Vogels Molkosan Vitality, a drink which contains the lactic acid which creates the kind of environment in the gut where the good bacteria grow and flourish and the bad bacteria is kept under control.