Mum attacked police outside Burnley pub

A mum could be facing jail for her third attack on police in about 12 months - and blamed the latest outburst on missing her children's school sports day.
Burnley Magistrate's CourtBurnley Magistrate's Court
Burnley Magistrate's Court

Drunk Jamie Louise Eltoft left PC Jackie Hodgson in pain from a swollen wrist, with sore fingers and shaken up after getting hold of the officer's arm and pulling away as she was being arrested.

Eltoft swore at the victim and threatened, "Just you wait. I'm going to have you, you b****," during the early hours trouble outside a Burnley pub, magistrates in the town were told.

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The jobless 31-year-old, who has mental health problems, was on a suspended sentence for police assault at the time. It was imposed last October, for what her solicitor described as a "considerably more serious offence".

The hearing was told the probation service reported Eltoft was complying with the suspended sentence and felt "custody may only serve to compound her current situation and problems".

Prosecutor Mrs Alex Mann said at 2am police were called to the Turf Hotel. Staff wanted the defendant to be removed from outside as she was kicking the door.

Eltoft at first grabbed PC Hodgson round the neck, saying she wanted to give her a hug. The officer was caused pain and told her it wasn't acceptable and not to do it again. PC Hodgson asked for the defendant's name and was met with abuse.

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Mrs Mann said the officer took out her handcuffs and was again verbally abused. The prosecutor continued: "PC Hodgson says the defendant looked furious. She was afraid she was going to be assaulted. She says in 11 years in the police she has only pressed her emergency button a handful of times, but she pressed it and eventually a police van came and she was put in the van."

Mr Mark Williams, defending, said Eltoft, who has been referred to a psychiatrist, had been out drinking.

She had initially been upset as she had been thrown out of the pub by someone who was nothing to do with the management.

Mr Williams said the defendant had a long history of mental health problems and difficulties with accommodation, relationships and substance misuse. Her children no longer lived with her and an eviction notice had been served upon her.

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The solicitor continued: "She missed her children's sports day. She very much wanted to be there. She was given the wrong date. She was bitterly disappointed and upset. She felt she had let the children down and went out and had a drink. She shouldn't drink on her medication."

Mr Williams, who said Eltoft was on employment and support allowance, added: "It shouldn't have happened. It did. She can only apologise for that. "

The same court was told in May last year how Eltoft booted her ex's new love's door and attacked a police officer after she was arrested and taken into custody. Eltoft, who was said by police to be under the influence of something, spat in an officer's face, leaving him sickened and feeling degraded.

The Bench had been told police arrived and Eltoft refused to get in the van. She was walked to the rear, was told to get in and was handcuffed. The prosecutor said: "She had to be lifted in the van because she wouldn't cooperate. She was kicking at the cage. She was taken to the custody office, where she was agitated and shouting abuse and tilted her head backwards and deliberately spat at the officer."

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At the latest hearing, Eltoft, of Hinton Street, Burnley, admitted being drunk and disorderly and police assault, on May 25th. She will be sentenced later this month and was warned by the chairman: "All options will be open."